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The hidden complex containing the Annihilation Hold has been discovered. Tales of wealth and magic fill the rumors the adventurers overhear. Will your adventurers brave the hazards inside to claim the riches?


The orc shaman, Haru’uk Durn is desperate. Something has gone wrong in the spirit realm where his tribe’s ancestors reside to test young warriors. And Haru’uk is asking for your help to fix it. Will you take a walk in the spirit realm?


Encounters in the Savage Underdark is a 150-page supplement containing mini-adventures, NPCs, locations, and magic items. In all, the writers have produced 24 unique encounters, NPCs, and locations for you to add to any subterranean campaign.


The village of Worthywool is famous for its herds of sheep. Many of the livestock are rare breeds, and their wool is sought after by nobles from around the realms. When a prized ewe goes missing, and a guard dog is found dead in the same field, and the hired guards are perplexed, the Ramrunners put out a call for local adventuring parties to assist them in their investigation.


Welcome to the village of Joarl: an unassuming motte-and-bailey farming community where a mysterious enchantment has entrapped its inhabitants beneath a layer of ice. The story begins as the adventurers arrive at Joarl’s icy gates. Investigating the frozen community uncovers strange creatures and dangerous secrets hidden within.


Four friends entered the forest, yet only one, who can’t recall the events of the night, returned. Two bodies were found without their hearts, and another of the group is missing. The Iron Arbiter fears something evil has manifested in or around the hamlet, and the heroes are tasked with investigating.

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