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Strange things are happening at War Tortle Brewery. Not only is the magically automated, multi-level stone tower brewery under the influence of corrupting magic, but a bodacious party of hipsters has taken over the grounds. Management needs help! Do you have what it takes to gain entrance, brave the tower, and put an end to the corrupting magic?


Once a popular hunting lodge nestled in the Neverwinter Wood catering to avid hunters, Owlbear Lodge has been a forgotten location that Lord Neverember wants to reclaim. Its owners can’t be located, and a recent expedition team sent to the lodge hasn’t returned.


Two tendays ago, a paladin of Torm was kidnapped by kuo-toa. In a strange turn of events, she was mistaken for a kuo-toa god, and whisked off to their underground lair. Barria has managed to pose as the god and now shakily leads a small faction of kuo-toa while trapped underground.


Expand your game with this collection of 20 unique NPCs of various Challenge Ratings. Each NPC is designed so they can used as an ally, or as an enemy. We’ve even included several quest ideas for each of the NPCs, three of which have detailed mini adventures and a map. Each NPC includes an image, a backstory, motives, flaws, and statistics.